Open data in accordance with the budget legislation

Information on vehicles on the balance of the Cadastre Agency under the State Tax Committee and its territorial departments

Information on the funds for the Cadastre Agency, which are planned to be allocated from the budget of the Republic in the IV quarter of 2021 for land management, geodesy, cartography and the state cadastre

Information on vehicles on the balance sheet of enterprises and organizations under the cadastral agency to 31.10.2021 year status

Information on the vehicles on the balance sheet of the cadastral agency and its regional departments was sent to 31.10.2021 for the year

Report on the movement of other extrabudgetary funds as of 01.07.2021

Information on the distribution of a limited amount of funds allocated from the budget to the Cadastral Agency in the II quarter of 2021 by budgetary organizations at its disposal.

On tenders and public procurement conducted by the Cadastral Agency for the purchase of fixed assets in the second quarter of 2021.

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